xG Cell Insight

xG Cell Insight, is a fully flexible 4G-LTE radio access monitoring system, utilizing low-cost SDR hardware and software code running on general purpose computing equipment;

It is based on the SDR (SOFTWARE DEFINED RADIO) TECHNOLOGY, which enables the development of end-to-end telecommunications platforms (i.e. comprising both the S/W application and the radio transmitting and receiving system), built entirely on S/W and general purpose H/W.

What is SDR?

  • Imagine a Mobile Device able to update its radio with software
  • Imagine if with a simple update you could double the data rate!
  • You could move from 4G to 4G+ or 5G as if you installed the new Android

Why SDR?

  • Uses of generic low-cost hardware
  • Everything else …from the antenna to the application is done in …software